sadhu-vadas tada tesam
karma tat tasya pasyatam
anyesam tad-viparyayah
sadhu-vadah—joyful exclamation; tada—at that time; tesam—of those (followers of Lord Siva); karma—action; tat—that; tasya—of him (Virabhadra); pasyatam—seeing; bhuta-preta-pisacanam—of the bhutas (ghosts), pretas and pisacas; anyesam—of the others (in the party of Daksa); tat-viparyayah—the opposite of that (an exclamation of grief).
Upon seeing the action of Virabhadra, the party of Lord Siva was pleased and cried out joyfully, and all the bhutas, ghosts and demons that had come made a tumultuous sound. On the other hand, the brahmanas in charge of the sacrifice cried out in grief at the death of Daksa.

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