devy uvaca
na yasya loke sty atisayanah priyas
tathapriyo deha-bhrtam priyatmanah
tasmin samastatmani mukta-vairake
rte bhavantam katamah pratipayet
devi uvacathe blessed goddess said; nanot; yasyaof whom; lokein the material world; astiis; atisayanahhaving no rival; priyahdear; tathaso; apriyahenemy; deha-bhrtambearing material bodies; priya-atmanahwho is the most beloved; tasmintowards Lord Siva; samasta-atmanithe universal being; mukta-vairakewho is free from all enmity; rteexcept; bhavantamfor you; katamahwho; pratipayetwould be envious.
The blessed goddess said: Lord Siva is the most beloved of all living entities. He has no rival. No one is very dear to him, and no one is his enemy. No one but you could be envious of such a universal being, who is free from all enmity.
In Bhagavad-gita (9.29) the Lord says, samoham sarva-bhutesu: I am equal to all living entities. Similarly, Lord Siva is a qualitative incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, so he has almost the same qualities as the Supreme Lord. Therefore he is equal to everyone; no one is his enemy, and no one is his friend, but one who is envious by nature can become the enemy of Lord Siva. Therefore Sati accused her father, No one but you could be envious of Lord Siva or be his enemy. Other sages and learned brahmanas were present, but they were not envious of Lord Siva, although they were all dependent on Daksa. Therefore no one but Daksa could be envious of Lord Siva. That was the accusation of Sati.

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