te ca brahmana adesan
marisam upayemire
yasyam mahad-avajnanad
ajany ajana-yonijah
te—all the Pracetas; ca—also; brahmanah—of Lord Brahma; adesat—by the order; marisamMarisa; upayemire—married; yasyam—in whom; mahat—to a great personality; avajnanat—on account of disrespect; ajani—took birth; ajana-yoni-jah—the son of Lord Brahma, Daksa.
Following the order of Lord Brahma, all the Pracetas accepted the girl as their wife. From the womb of this girl, the son of Lord Brahma named Daksa took birth. Daksa had to take birth from the womb of Marisa due to his disobeying and disrespecting Lord Mahadeva [Siva]. Consequently he had to give up his body twice.
In this connection the word mahad-avajnanat is significant. King Daksa was the son of Lord Brahma; therefore in a previous birth he was a brahmana, but because of his behaving like a non-brahmana (abrahmana) by insulting or disrespecting Lord Mahadeva, he had to take birth within the semen of a ksatriya. That is to say, he became the son of the Pracetas. Not only that, but because of his disrespecting Lord Siva, he had to undergo the tribulation of taking birth from within the womb of a woman. In the Daksa-yajna arena, he was once killed by Lord Siva’s servant, Virabhadra. Because that was not sufficient, he again took birth, from the womb of Marisa. At the end of the Daksa-yajna and the disastrous incidents there, Daksa offered his prayer to Lord Siva. Although he had to give up his body and take birth from the womb of a woman impregnated by the semen of a ksatriya, he received all opulence by the grace of Lord Siva. These are the subtle laws of material nature. Unfortunately, people in this modern age do not know how these laws are working. Having no knowledge of the eternity of the spirit soul and its transmigration, the population of the present age is in the greatest ignorance. Because of this, it is said in Bhagavatam (1.1.10): mandah sumanda-matayo manda-bhagya hy upadrutah. The total population in this age of Kali-yuga is very bad, lazy, unfortunate and disturbed by material conditions.

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