bhavita visrutah putro
’navamo brahmano gunaih
ya etam atma-viryena
tri-lokim purayisyati
bhavita—there will be; visrutah—very famous; putrah—son; anavamah—not inferior; brahmanah—to Lord Brahma; gunaih—by qualifications; yah—who; etam—all this; atma-viryena—by his progeny; tri-lokim—the three worlds; purayisyati—will fill.
You will have a nice son, who will be in no way inferior to Lord Brahma. Consequently, he will be very famous all over the universe, and the sons and grandsons generated by him will fill the three worlds.
As explained in the next verse, the Pracetas will marry the daughter of the great sage Kandu. It is suggested that the son’s name will be Visruta and that he will glorify both his father and mother because of his good character. In fact, he would be greater than Lord Brahma. The great politician Canakya said that if there is a good tree within a garden or forest, its flowers will fill the forest with their fragrance. Similarly, a good son within a family makes the whole family famous all over the world. Krsna took birth in the family of the Yadus, and consequently the Yadu dynasty is famous all over the world.

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