so cirad eva rajarse
syad acyuta-kathasrayah
srnvatah sraddadhanasya
nityada syad adhiyatah
sahthat; aciratvery soon; evacertainly; raja-rseO best of kings; syatbecomes; acyutaof the Supreme Personality of Godhead; kathanarrations; asrayahdepending on; srnvatahof one who is hearing; sraddadhanasyafaithful; nityadaalways; syatbecomes; adhiyatahby cultivation.
O best of kings, one who is faithful, who is always hearing the glories of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is always engaged in the culture of Krsna consciousness and in hearing of the Lords activities, very soon becomes eligible to see the Supreme Personality of Godhead face to face.
Constant engagement in the transcendental loving service of Vasudeva means constantly hearing the glories of the Lord. The principles of bhakti-yogasravanam kirtanam visnoh smaranam pada-sevanam/ arcanam vandanam dasyam sakhyam atma-nivedanam [SB 7.5.23]are the only means by which perfection can be attained. Simply by hearing of the glories of the Lord, one is elevated to the transcendental position.

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