tasmims tvam ramaya sprsto
ramamano sruta-smrtih
tat-sangad idrsim prapto
dasam papiyasim prabho
tasminin that situation; tvamyou; ramayawith the woman; sprstahbeing in contact; ramamanahenjoying; asruta-smrtihwithout remembrance of spiritual existence; tatwith her; sangatby association; idrsimlike this; praptahyou have attained; dasama state; papiyasimfull of sinful activities; prabhoMy dear friend.
My dear friend, when you enter such a body along with the woman of material desires, you become overly absorbed in sense enjoyment. Because of this, you have forgotten your spiritual life. Due to your material conceptions, you are placed in various miserable conditions.
When a person becomes materially engrossed, he has no capacity to hear about spiritual existence. Forgetfulness of spiritual existence entangles a man more and more in material existence. Such is the result of sinful life. Various bodies are developed with the material ingredients because of different types of sinful activities. King Puranjana assumed the body of a woman, Vaidarbhi, as a result of his sinful activities. Bhagavad-gita clearly says (striyo vaisyas tatha sudrah) that such a body is lowborn. If one takes shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, however, he can be elevated to the highest perfection, even though he be lowborn. One acquires lower births when ones spiritual intelligence is reduced.

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