lokantaram gatavati
mayy anatha kutumbini
vartisyate katham tv esa
balakan anusocati
loka-antaraminto a different life; gatavati mayiwhen I am gone; anathabereft of husband; kutumbinisurrounded by all family members; vartisyatewill exist; kathamhow; tuthen; esathis woman; balakanchildren; anusocatilamenting about.
King Puranjana was anxiously thinking, Alas, my wife is encumbered by so many children. When I pass from this body, how will she be able to maintain all these family members? Alas, she will be greatly harassed by thoughts of family maintenance.
All these thoughts of ones wife indicate that the King was overly engrossed with the thoughts of woman. Generally a chaste woman becomes a very obedient wife. This causes a husband to become attached to his wife, and consequently he thinks of his wife very much at the time of death. This is a very dangerous situation, as is evident from the life of King Puranjana. If one thinks of his wife instead of Krsna at the time of death, he will certainly not return home, back to Godhead, but will be forced to accept the body of a woman and thus begin another chapter of material existence.

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