maya nirupitas tubhyam
patir atma-samadhina
nabhinandati loko yam
tvam abhadram asammatam
mayaby me; nirupitahsettled; tubhyamfor you; patihhusband; atmaof the mind; samadhinaby meditation; nanever; abhinandatiwelcome; lokahthe people; ayamthese; tvamyou; abhadraminauspicious; asammatamunacceptable.
The King of the Yavanas replied: After much consideration, I have arrived at a husband for you. Actually, as far as everyone is concerned, you are inauspicious and mischievous. Since no one likes you, how can anyone accept you as his wife?
After much consideration, the King of the Yavanas decided to make the best use of a bad bargain. Kalakanya was a bad bargain, and no one liked her, but everything can be used for the service of the Lord. Thus the King of the Yavanas tried to utilize her for some purpose. The purpose has already been explainedthat is, Kalakanya as jara, the invalidity of old age, can be used to arouse a sense of fear in people so that they will prepare for the next life by engaging in Krsna consciousness.

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