sa raja mahisim rajan
susnatam rucirananam
krta-svastyayanam trptam
abhyanandad upagatam
sah—he; raja—the King; mahisim—the Queen; rajan—O King; su-snatam—nicely bathed; rucira-ananam—attractive face; krta-svasti-ayanam—dressed with auspicious garments and ornaments; trptam—satisfied; abhyanandat—he welcomed; upagatam—approached.
The Queen took her bath and dressed herself nicely with all auspicious garments and ornaments. After taking food and becoming completely satisfied, she returned to the King. Upon seeing her beautifully decorated attractive face, the King welcomed her with all devotion.
A woman is generally accustomed to dress herself nicely with fine garments and decorative ornaments. She may even sometimes wear flowers in her hair. Women especially dress themselves up in the evening because the husband comes home in the evening after working hard all day. It is the duty of the wife to dress herself up very nicely so that when her husband returns home he becomes attracted by her dress and cleanliness and thus becomes satisfied. In other words, the wife is the inspiration of all good intelligence. Upon seeing oneís wife dressed nicely, one can think very soberly about family business. When a person is too anxious about family affairs, he cannot discharge his family duties nicely. A wife is therefore supposed to be an inspiration and should keep the husbandís intelligence in good order so that they can combinedly prosecute the affairs of family life without impediment.

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