vaktram na te vitilakam malinam viharsam
samrambha-bhimam avimrstam apeta-ragam
pasye stanav api sucopahatau sujatau
bimbadharam vigata-kunkuma-panka-ragam
vaktram—face; na—never; te—your; vitilakam—without being decorated; malinam—unclean; viharsam—morose; samrambha—with anger; bhimam—dangerous; avimrstam—without luster; apeta-ragam—without affection; pasye—I have seen; stanau—your breasts; api—also; suca-upahatau—wet because of your tears; su-jatau—so nice; bimba-adharam—red lips; vigata—without; kunkuma-panka—saffron; ragam—color.
My dear wife, until this day I have never seen your face without tilaka decorations, nor have I seen you so morose and without luster or affection. Nor have I seen your two nice breasts wet with tears from your eyes. Nor have I ever before seen your lips, which are ordinarily as red as the bimba fruit, without their reddish hue.
Every woman looks very beautiful when decorated with tilaka and vermillion. A woman generally becomes very attractive when her lips are colored with reddish saffron or vermillion. But when one’s consciousness and intelligence are without any brilliant thoughts about Krsna, they become morose and lusterless, so much so that one cannot derive any benefit despite sharp intelligence.

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