imam tvam adhitisthasva
purim nava-mukhim vibho
mayopanitan grhnanah
kama-bhogan satam samah
imamthis; tvamyour good self; adhitisthasvajust remain; purimin the city; nava-mukhimwith nine gates; vibhoO my lord; mayaby me; upanitanarranged; grhnanahtaking; kama-bhoganthe materials for sense gratification; satama hundred; samahyears.
My dear lord, I have just arranged this city of nine gates for you so that you can have all kinds of sense gratification. You may live here for one hundred years, and everything for your sense gratification will be supplied.
Dharmartha-kama-moksanam darah samprapti-hetavah. The wife is the cause of all kinds of success in religion, economic development, sense gratification and ultimately salvation. When one accepts a wife, it is to be understood that he is being helped in his progressive march toward liberation. In the beginning of life a person is trained as a brahmacari and is then allowed to marry a suitable girl and become a householder. If one is thoroughly trained in household life, he finds all facilities for human lifeeating, sleeping, mating and defending. Everything is there if it is executed according to regulative principles.

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