tam duraradhyam aradhya
satam api durapaya
ekanta-bhaktya ko vanchet
pada-mulam vina bahih
tamunto You; duraradhyamvery difficult to worship; aradhyahaving worshiped; satam apieven for the most exalted persons; durapayavery difficult to attain; ekantapure; bhaktyaby devotional service; kahwho is that man; vanchetshould desire; pada-mulamlotus feet; vinawithout; bahihoutsiders.
My dear Lord, pure devotional service is even difficult for liberated persons to discharge, but devotional service alone can satisfy You. Who will take to other processes of self-realization if he is actually serious about the perfection of life?
The word satam refers to transcendentalists. There are three kinds of transcendentalists: the jnani, yogi and bhakta. Out of these three, the bhakta is selected as the most suitable candidate to approach the Supreme Personality of Godhead. It is emphasized herein that only one who is outside devotional service would not engage in searching for the lotus feet of the Lord. Foolish people sometimes maintain that God may be attained in any wayeither by karma-yoga, jnana-yoga, dhyana-yoga, etc.but here it is clearly stated that it is impossible to obtain the mercy of the Lord by any means but bhakti-yoga. The word duraradhya is especially significant. It is very difficult to attain the lotus feet of the Lord by any method other than bhakti-yoga.

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