pavakah pavamanas ca
sucir ity agnayah pura
vasistha-sapad utpannah
punar yoga-gatim gatah
pavakahof the name Pavaka; pavamanahof the name Pavamana; caalso; sucihof the name Suci; itithus; agnayahthe fire-gods; puraformerly; vasisthathe great sage Vasistha; sapatby being cursed; utpannahnow born as such; punahagain; yoga-gatimthe destination of mystic yoga practice; gatahattained.
The three sons of Maharaja Antardhana were named Pavaka, Pavamana and Suci. Formerly these three personalities were the demigods of fire, but due to the curse of the great sage Vasistha, they became the sons of Maharaja Antardhana. As such, they were as powerful as the fire-gods, and they attained the destination of mystic yoga power, being again situated as the demigods of fire.
In the Bhagavad-gita (6.4143) it is stated that one who falls down from yoga practice is elevated to the heavenly planets, and after enjoying the material facilities there he again comes down to the earthly planet and takes birth in a very rich family or a very pious brahmana family. Thus it is to be understood that when demigods fall down, they come to earth as sons of very rich and pious families. In such families, the living entity gets an opportunity to execute Krsna consciousness and thereby gain promotion to his desired goal. The sons of Maharaja Antardhana had been the demigods in charge of fire, and they regained their former position and by mystic power returned to the heavenly planets.

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