idam viviktam japtavyam
pavitram mangalam param
nihsreyasa-karam capi
sruyatam tad vadami vah
idamthis; viviktamvery, particular; japtavyamalways to be chanted; pavitramvery pure; mangalamauspicious; paramtranscendental; nihsreyasa-karamvery beneficial; caalso; apicertainly; sruyatamplease hear; tatthat; vadamiI am speaking; vahunto you.
Now I shall chant one mantra which is not only transcendental, pure and auspicious, but is the best prayer for anyone who is aspiring to attain the ultimate goal of life. When I chant this mantra, please hear it carefully and attentively.
The word viviktam is very significant. No one should think of the prayers recited by Lord Siva as being sectarian; rather, they are very confidential, so much so that anyone desiring the ultimate prosperity or auspicious goal of life must take the instructions of Lord Siva and pray to and glorify the Supreme Personality of Godhead as Lord Siva himself did.

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