maitreya uvaca
vijitasvo dhirajasit
prthu-putrah prthu-sravah
yaviyobhyo dadat kastha
bhratrbhyo bhratr-vatsalah
maitreyah uvacaMaitreya continued to speak; vijitasvahof the name Vijitasva; adhirajathe emperor; asitbecame; prthu-putrahthe son of Maharaja Prthu; prthu-sravahof great activities; yaviyobhyahunto the younger brothers; adadatoffered; kasthahdifferent directions; bhratrbhyahunto the brothers; bhratr-vatsalahvery affectionate to the brothers.
The great sage Maitreya continued: Vijitasva, the eldest son of Maharaja Prthu, who had a reputation like his fathers, became emperor and gave his younger brothers different directions of the world to govern, for he was very affectionate toward his brothers.
After describing the life and character of Maharaja Prthu in the previous chapter, the great sage Maitreya began to speak about the sons and grandsons in the genealogical line of the Prthu dynasty. After the death of Maharaja Prthu, his eldest son, Vijitasva, became emperor of the world. King Vijitasva was very affectionate toward his younger brothers, and therefore he wanted them to rule different directions of the world. From time immemorial the eldest son generally becomes king after the death of the previous king. When the Pandavas ruled the earth, Maharaja Yudhisthira, the eldest son of King Pandu, became emperor, and his younger brothers assisted him. Similarly, King Vijitasvas younger brothers were appointed to govern the different directions of the world.

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