vilokyānugatāṁ sādhvīṁ
pṛthuṁ vīra-varaṁ patim
tuṣṭuvur varadā devair
deva-patnyaḥ sahasraśaḥ
vilokya—by observing; anugatām—dying after the husband; sādhvīm—the chaste woman; pṛthum—of King Pṛthu; vīra-varam—the great warrior; patim—husband; tuṣṭuvuḥ—offered prayers; vara-dāḥ—able to give benediction; devaiḥ—by the demigods; deva-patnyaḥ—the wives of the demigods; sahasraśaḥ—in thousands.
After observing this brave act performed by the chaste wife Arci, the wife of the great King Pṛthu, many thousands of the wives of the demigods, along with their husbands, offered prayers to the Queen, for they were very much satisfied.

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