rajety adhan namadheyam
soma-raja ivaparah
suryavad visrjan grhnan
pratapams ca bhuvo vasu
raja—the King; iti—thus; adhat—took up; namadheyam—of the name; soma-rajah—the king of the moon planet; iva—like; aparah—on the other hand; surya-vat—like the sun-god; visrjan—distributing; grhnan—exacting; pratapan—by strong ruling; ca—also; bhuvah—of the world; vasu—revenue.
Maharaja Prthu became as celebrated a king as Soma-raja, the king of the moon. He was also powerful and exacting, just like the sun-god, who distributes heat and light and at the same time exacts all the planetary waters.
In this verse Maharaja Prthu is compared to the kings of the moon and sun. The king of the moon and the king of the sun serve as examples of how the Lord desires the universe to be ruled. The sun distributes heat and light and at the same time exacts water from all planets. The moon is very pleasing at night, and when one becomes fatigued after a day’s labor in the sun, he can enjoy the moonshine. Like the sun-god, Prthu Maharaja distributed his heat and light to give protection to his kingdom, for without heat and light no one can exist. Similarly, Prthu Maharaja exacted taxes and gave such strong orders to the citizens and government that no one had the power to disobey him. On the other hand, he pleased everyone just like the moonshine. Both the sun and the moon have particular influences by which they maintain order in the universe, and modern scientists and philosophers should become familiar with the Supreme Lord’s perfect plan for universal maintenance.

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