vijitasvam dhumrakesam
haryaksam dravinam vrkam
sarvesam loka-palanam
dadharaikah prthur gunan
vijitasvam—of the name Vijitasva; dhumrakesam—of the name Dhumrakesa; haryaksam—of the name Haryaksa; dravinam—of the name Dravina; vrkam—of the name Vrka; sarvesam—of all; loka-palanam—the governing heads of all planets; dadhara—accepted; ekah—one; prthuhPrthu Maharaja; gunan—all qualities.
After begetting five sons, named Vijitasva, Dhumrakesa, Haryaksa, Dravina and Vrka, Prthu Maharaja continued to rule the planet. He accepted all the qualities of the deities who governed all other planets.
In each and every planet there is a predominating deity. It is understood from Bhagavad-gita that in the sun there is a predominating deity named Vivasvan. Similarly, there is a predominating deity of the moon and of the various planets. Actually the predominating deities in all the other planets are descendants from the predominating deities of the sun and moon. On this planet earth there are two ksatriya dynasties, and one comes from the predominating deity of the sun and the other from the predominating deity of the moon. These dynasties are known as Surya-vamsa and Candra-vamsa respectively. When monarchy existed on this planet, the chief member was one of the members of the Surya dynasty, or Surya-vamsa, and the subordinate kings belonged to the Candra-vamsa. However, Maharaja Prthu was so powerful that he could exhibit all the qualities of the predominating deities in other planets.
In the modern age, people from earth have tried to go to the moon, but they have not been able to find anyone there, what to speak of meeting the moon’s predominating deity. The Vedic literature, however, repeatedly informs us that the moon is full of highly elevated inhabitants who are counted amongst the demigods. We are therefore always in doubt about what kind of moon adventure the modern scientists of this planet earth have undertaken.

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