tatra silavatam vrttam
acaran manayann iva
tat-pada—their lotus feet; sauca—washed; salilaih—water; marjita—sprinkled; alaka—hair; bandhanah—bunch; tatra—there; silavatam—of the respectable gentlemen; vrttam—behavior; acaran—behaving; manayan—practicing; iva—like.
After this, the King took the water which had washed the lotus feet of the Kumaras and sprinkled it over his hair. By such respectful actions, the King, as an exemplary personality, showed how to receive a spiritually advanced personality.
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has said, apani acari prabhu jivere sikhaya. It is very well known that whatever Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu taught in His life as acarya, He Himself practiced. When He was preaching as a devotee, although He was detected by several great personalities to be the incarnation of Krsna, He never agreed to be addressed as an incarnation. Even though one may be an incarnation of Krsna, or especially empowered by Him, he should not advertise that he is an incarnation. People will automatically accept the real truth in due course of time. Prthu Maharaja was the ideal Vaisnava king; therefore he taught others by his personal behavior how to receive and respect saintly persons like the Kumaras. When a saintly person comes to one’s home, it is the Vedic custom first to wash his feet with water and then sprinkle this water over the heads of oneself and one’s family. Prthu Maharaja did this, for he was an exemplary teacher of the people in general.

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