brahma-ghosena cartvijam
vivesa bhavanam virah
stuyamano gata-smayah
sankhaconchshells; dundubhikettledrums; ghosenaby the sound of; brahmaVedic; ghosenachanting; caalso; rtvijamof the priests; vivesaentered; bhavanamthe palace; virahthe King; stuyamanahbeing worshiped; gata-smayahwithout pride.
When the King entered the palace, conchshells and kettledrums were sounded, priests chanted Vedic mantras, and professional reciters offered different prayers. But in spite of all this ceremony to welcome him, the King was not the least bit affected.
The reception given to the King was full of opulence, yet he did not become proud. It is said, therefore, that great personalities of power and opulence never become proud, and the example is given that a tree which is full of fruits and flowers does not stand erect in pride but instead bends downwards to show submissiveness. This is a sign of the wonderful character of great personalities.

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