yuyam tad anumodadhvam
pitr-devarsayo malah
kartuh sastur anujnatus
tulyam yat pretya tat phalam
yuyamall you respectable persons who are present here; tatthat; anumodadhvamkindly approve of my proposal; pitrpersons coming from Pitrloka; devapersons coming from the heavenly planets; rsayahgreat sages and saintly persons; amalahthose who are cleansed of all sinful activities; kartuhthe performer; sastuhthe order-giver; anujnatuhof the supporter; tulyamequal; yatwhich; pretyaafter death; tatthat; phalamresult.
I request all the pure-hearted demigods, forefathers and saintly persons to support my proposal, for after death the result of an action is equally shared by its doer, its director and its supporter.
The government of Prthu Maharaja was perfect because it was administered exactly according to the orders of the Vedic injunctions. Prthu Maharaja has already explained that the chief duty of the government is to see that everyone executes his respective duty and is elevated to the platform of Krsna consciousness. The government should be so conducted that automatically one is elevated to Krsna consciousness. King Prthu therefore wanted his citizens to cooperate fully with him, for if they assented, they would enjoy the same profit as he after death. If Prthu Maharaja, as a perfect king, were elevated to the heavenly planets, the citizens who cooperated by approving of his methods would also be elevated with him. Since the Krsna consciousness movement going on at the present moment is genuine, perfect and authorized and is following in the footsteps of Prthu Maharaja, anyone who cooperates with this movement or accepts its principles will get the same result as the workers who are actively propagating Krsna consciousness.

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