caru citra-padam slaksnam
mrstam gudham aviklavam
sarvesam upakarartham
tada anuvadann iva
caru—beautiful; citra-padam—flowery; slaksnam—very clear; mrstam—very great; gudham—meaningful; aviklavam—without any doubt; sarvesam—for all; upakara-artham—just to benefit them; tada—at that time; anuvadan—began to repeat; iva—like.
Maharaja Prthu’s speech was very beautiful, full of metaphorical language, clearly understandable and very pleasing to hear. His words were all grave and certain. It appears that when he spoke, he expressed his personal realization of the Absolute Truth in order to benefit all who were present.
Maharaja Prthu was beautiful in his external bodily features, and his speech was also very glorious in all respects. His words, which were nicely composed in highly metaphorical ornamental language, were pleasing to hear and were not only mellow but also very clearly understandable and without doubt or ambiguity.

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