maitreya uvaca
mauktikaih kusuma-sragbhir
dukulaih svarna-toranaih
maha-surabhibhir dhupair
manditam tatra tatra vai
maitreyah uvaca—the great sage Maitreya continued to speak; mauktikaih—with pearls; kusuma—of flowers; sragbhih—with garlands; dukulaih—cloth; svarna—golden; toranaih—by gates; maha-surabhibhih—highly perfumed; dhupaih—by incense; manditam—decorated; tatra tatra—here and there; vai—certainly.
The great sage Maitreya told Vidura: When the King entered his city, it was very beautifully decorated to receive him with pearls, flower garlands, beautiful cloth and golden gates, and the entire city was perfumed with highly fragrant incense.
Real opulence is supplied by natural gifts such as gold, silver, pearls, valuable stones, fresh flowers, trees and silken cloth. Thus the Vedic civilization recommends opulence and decoration with these natural gifts of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Such opulence immediately changes the condition of the mind, and the entire atmosphere becomes spiritualized. King Prthuís capital was decorated with such highly opulent decorations.

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