bhagavan atha visvatma
samujjihanaya bhaktya
bhagavan—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; atha—thereupon; visva-atma—the Supersoul; prthuna—by King Prthu; upahrta—being offered; arhanah—all the paraphernalia for worship; samujjihanaya—gradually increased; bhaktya—whose devotional service; grhita—taken; carana-ambujah—His lotus feet.
King Prthu abundantly worshiped the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who was so merciful to him. While worshiping the lotus feet of the Lord, Prthu Maharaja gradually increased his ecstasy in devotional service.
When various ecstasies appear in the body of a devotee, it is to be understood that his devotional service has become perfect. There are many types of transcendental ecstasies in the forms of crying, laughing, perspiring, falling down, and crying like a madman. All these symptoms are sometimes visible on the body of a devotee. They are called asta-sattvika-vikara, which means “eight kinds of transcendental transformations.” They are never to be imitated, but when a devotee actually becomes perfect, these symptoms are visible on his body. The Lord is bhakta-vatsala, which means that He is inclined toward His pure devotee (bhakta). Therefore the transcendental ecstatic transaction between the Supreme Lord and His devotee is never like the activities of this material world.

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