nasta-sauca mudha-dhiyo
visantu siva-diksayam
yatra daivam surasavam
nasta-saucahcleanliness being abandoned; mudha-dhiyahfoolish; jata-bhasma-asthi-dharinahwearing long hair, ashes and bones; visantumay enter; siva-diksayaminto initiation of worship of Siva; yatrawhere; daivamare spiritual; sura-asavamwine and liquor.
Those who vow to worship Lord Siva are so foolish that they imitate him by keeping long hair on their heads. When initiated into worship of Lord Siva, they prefer to live on wine, flesh and other such things.
Indulging in wine and meat, keeping long hair on ones head, not bathing daily, and smoking ganja (marijuana) are some of the habits which are accepted by foolish creatures who do not have regulated lives. By such behavior one becomes devoid of transcendental knowledge. In the initiation into the Siva mantra there are mudrikastaka, in which it is sometimes recommended that one make his sitting place on the vagina and thus desire nirvana, or dissolution of existence. In that process of worship, wine is needed, or sometimes, in place of wine, palm tree juice which is converted into an intoxicant. This is also offered according to Siva-agama, a scripture on the method of worshiping Lord Siva.

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