yatra dharma-dughā bhūmiḥ
sarva-kāma-dughā satī
dogdhi smābhīpsitān arthān
yajamānasya bhārata
yatra—where; dharma-dughā—producing sufficient milk for religiosity; bhūmiḥ—the land; sarva-kāma—all desires; dughā—yielding as milk; satī—the cow; dogdhi sma—fulfilled; abhīpsitān—desirable; arthān—objects; yajamānasya—of the sacrificer; bhārata—my dear Vidura.
My dear Vidura, in that great sacrifice the entire land came to be like the milk-producing kāma-dhenu, and thus, by the performance of yajña, all daily necessities for life were supplied.
In this verse the word dharma-dughā is significant, for it indicates kāma-dhenu. Kāma-dhenu is also known as surabhi. Surabhi cows inhabit the spiritual world, and, as stated in Brahma-saṁhitā, Lord Kṛṣṇa is engaged in tending these cows: surabhīr abhipālayantam [Bs. 5.29]. One can milk a surabhi cow as often as one likes, and the cow will deliver as much milk as one requires. Milk, of course, is necessary for the production of so many milk products, especially clarified butter, which is required for the performance of great sacrifices. Unless we are prepared to perform the prescribed sacrifices, our supply of the necessities of life will be checked. Bhagavad-gītā confirms that Lord Brahmā created human society along with yajña, the performance of sacrifice. Yajña means Lord Viṣṇu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and sacrifice means working for the satisfaction of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In this age, however, it is very difficult to find qualified brāhmaṇas who can perform sacrifices as prescribed in the Vedas. Therefore it is recommended in Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (yajñaiḥ saṅkīrtana-prāyaiḥ) that by performing saṅkīrtana-yajña and by satisfying the yajña-puruṣa, Lord Caitanya, one can derive all the results derived by great sacrifices in the past. King Pṛthu and others derived all the necessities of life from the earthly planet by performing great sacrifices. Now this saṅkīrtana movement has already been started by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. people should take advantage of this great sacrifice and join in the Society’s activities; then there will be no scarcity. If saṅkīrtana-yajña is performed, there will be no difficulty, not even in industrial enterprises. Therefore this system should be introduced in all spheres of life—social, political, industrial, commercial, etc. Then everything will run very peacefully and smoothly.

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