tvayahuta maha-baho
sarva eva samagatah
pujita dana-manabhyam
tvaya—by you; ahutah—were invited; maha-baho—O great mighty-armed one; sarve—all; eva—certainly; samagatah—assembled; pujitah—were honored; dana—by charity; manabhyam—and by respect; pitr—the inhabitants of Pitrloka; deva—demigods; rsi—great sages; manavah—as well as common men.
All the great sages and brahmanas said: O mighty King, by your invitation all classes of living entities have attended this assembly. They have come from Pitrloka and the heavenly planets, and great sages as well as common men have attended this meeting. Now all of them are very much satisfied by your dealings and your charity towards them.
Thus end the Bhaktivedanta purports of the Fourth Canto, Nineteenth Chapter, of the Srimad-Bhagavatam, entitled “King Prthu’s One Hundred Horse Sacrifices.”

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