anye ca mayino mayam
mayam prakalpya vatsam te
duduhur dharanamayim
anye—others; ca—also; mayinah—mystic magicians; mayam—mystic powers; antardhana—disappearing; adbhuta—wonderful; atmanam—of the body; mayam—the demon named Maya; prakalpya—making; vatsam—the calf; te—they; duduhuh—milked out; dharanamayim—proceeding from will.
Others also, the inhabitants of planets known as Kimpurusa-loka, made the demon Maya into a calf, and they milked out mystic powers by which one can disappear immediately from another’s vision and appear again in a different form.
It is said that the inhabitants of Kimpurusa-loka can perform many wonderful mystic demonstrations. In other words, they can exhibit as many wonderful things as one can imagine. The inhabitants of this planet can do whatever they like, or whatever they imagine. Such powers are also mystic powers. The possession of such mystic power is called isita. The demons generally learn such mystic powers by the practice of yoga. In the Dasama-skandha, the Tenth Canto, of Srimad-Bhagavatam, there is a vivid description of how the demons appear before Krsna in various wonderful forms. For instance, Bakasura appeared before Krsna and His cowherd boyfriends as a gigantic crane. While present on this planet, Lord Krsna had to fight with many demons who could exhibit the wonderful mystic powers of Kimpurusa-loka. Although the inhabitants of Kimpurusa-loka are naturally endowed with such powers, one can attain these powers on this planet by performing different yogic practices.

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