apam upasthe mayi navy avasthitah
praja bhavan adya riraksisuh kila
sa vira-murtih samabhud dhara-dharo
yo mam payasy ugra-saro jighamsasi
apam—of the water; upasthe—situated on the surface; mayi—in me; navi—in a boat; avasthitah—standing; prajah—living entities; bhavan—Yourself; adya—now; riraksisuh—desiring to protect; kila—indeed; sah—He; vira-murtih—in the form of a great hero; samabhut—became; dhara-dharah—the protector of the planet earth; yah—one who; mam—me; payasi—for the sake of milk; ugra-sarah—with sharpened arrows; jighamsasi—you desire to kill.
My dear Lord, in this way You once protected me by rescuing me from the water, and consequently Your name has been famous as Dharadhara—He who holds the planet earth. Yet at the present moment, in the form of a great hero, You are about to kill me with sharpened arrows. I am, however, just like a boat on the water, keeping everything afloat.
The Lord is known as Dharadhara, meaning, “He who keeps the planet earth on His tusks as the boar incarnation.” Thus the planet earth in the shape of a cow is accounting the contradictory acts of the Lord. Although He once saved the earth, He now wants to upset the earth, which is like a boat on water. No one can understand the activities of the Lord. Due to a poor fund of knowledge, human beings sometimes think the Lord’s activities contradictory.

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