ya etad adav asrjac caracaram
tayaiva so ’yam kila goptum udyatah
katham nu mam dharma-paro jighamsati
yah—one who; etat—these; adau—in the beginning of creation; asrjat—created; cara-acaram—moving and nonmoving living entities; sva-mayaya—by His own potency; atma-asrayaya—sheltered under His own protection; avitarkyaya—inconceivable; taya—by that same maya; eva—certainly; sah—he; ayam—this King; kila—certainly; goptum udyatah—prepared to give protection; katham—how; nu—then; mam—me; dharma-parah—one who is strictly following religious principles; jighamsati—desires to kill.
In the beginning of creation You created all these moving and nonmoving living entities by Your inconceivable energy. Through this very same energy You are now prepared to protect the living entities. Indeed, You are the supreme protector of religious principles. Why are You so anxious to kill me, even though I am in the form of a cow?
The planet earth argues that there is no doubt that one who creates can also annihilate by his sweet will. The planet earth questions why she should be killed when the Lord is prepared to give protection to everyone. After all, it is the earth that is the resting place for all other living entities, and it is the earth that produces grains for them.

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