vidura uvaca
kasmad dadhara go-rupam
dharitri bahu-rupini
yam dudoha prthus tatra
ko vatso dohanam ca kim
vidurah uvacaVidura inquired; kasmatwhy; dadharatook; go-rupamthe shape of a cow; dharitrithe earth; bahu-rupiniwho has many other forms; yamwhom; dudohamilked; prthuhKing Prthu; tatrathere; kahwho; vatsahthe calf; dohanamthe milking pot; caalso; kimwhat.
Vidura inquired from the great sage Maitreya: My dear brahmana, since mother earth can appear in different shapes, why did she take the shape of a cow? And when King Prthu milked her, who became the calf, and what was the milking pot?

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