uvaca ca maha-bhagam
trahi mam api bhutanam
palane vasthito bhavan
uvacashe said; caand; maha-bhagamunto the great, fortunate King; dharma-jnaO knower of the principles of religion; apanna-vatsalaO shelter of the surrendered; trahisave; mamme; apiindeed; bhutanamof living entities; palanein protection; avasthitahsituated; bhavanYour Majesty.
Addressing the great, opulent King Prthu as the knower of religious principles and shelter of the surrendered, she said: Please save me. You are the protector of all living entities. Now you are situated as the King of this planet.
The cow-shaped earth addressed King Prthu as dharma jna, which refers to one who knows the principles of religion. The principles of religion dictate that a woman, a cow, a child, a brahmana and an old man must be given all protection by the king or anyone else. Consequently mother earth took the shape of a cow. She was also a woman. Thus she appealed to the King as one who knows the principles of religion. Religious principles also dictate that one is not to be killed if he surrenders. She reminded King Prthu that not only was he an incarnation of God, but he was situated as the King of the earth as well. Therefore his duty was to excuse her.

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