ayam mahim gam duduhe ’dhirajah
prajapatir vrtti-karah prajanam
yo lilayadrin sva-sarasa-kotya
bhindan samam gam akarod yathendrah
ayam—this King; mahim—the earth; gam—in the form of a cow; duduhe—will milk; adhirajah—extraordinary king; praja-patih—progenitor of mankind; vrtti-karah—providing living facility; prajanam—of the citizens; yah—one who; lilaya—simply by pastimes; adrin—mountains and hills; sva-sarasa—of his bow; kotya—by the pointed end; bhindan—breaking; samam—level; gam—the earth; akarot—will make; yatha—as; indrah—the King of heaven, Indra.
This King, this protector of the citizens, is an extraordinary king and is equal to the Prajapati demigods. For the living facility of all citizens, he will milk the earth, which is like a cow. Not only that, but he will level the surface of the earth with the pointed ends of his bow, breaking all the hills exactly as King Indra, the heavenly King, breaks mountains with his powerful thunderbolt.

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