brahmanah sama-drk santo
dinanam samupeksakah
sravate brahma tasyapi
bhinna-bhandat payo yatha
brahmanaha brahmana; sama-drkequipoised; santahpeaceful; dinanamthe poor; samupeksakahgrossly neglecting; sravatediminishes; brahmaspiritual power; tasyahis; apicertainly; bhinna-bhandatfrom a cracked pot; payahwater; yathajust as.
The great sages began to think that although a brahmana is peaceful and impartial because he is equal to everyone, it is still not his duty to neglect poor humans. By such neglect, a brahmanas spiritual power diminishes, just as water kept in a cracked pot leaks out.
Brahmanas, the topmost section of human society, are mostly devotees. They are generally unaware of the happenings within the material world because they are always busy in their activities for spiritual advancement. Nonetheless, when there is a calamity in human society, they cannot remain impartial. If they do not do something to relieve the distressed condition of human society, it is said that due to such neglect their spiritual knowledge diminishes. Almost all the sages go to the Himalayas for their personal benefit, but Prahlada Maharaja said that he did not want liberation alone. He decided to wait until he was able to deliver all the fallen souls of the world.
In their elevated condition, the brahmanas are called Vaisnavas. There are two types of brahmanasnamely, brahmana-pandita and brahmana-vaisnava. A qualified brahmana is naturally very learned, but when his learning is advanced in understanding the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he becomes a brahmana-vaisnava. Unless one becomes a Vaisnava, ones perfection of brahminical culture is incomplete.
The saintly persons considered very wisely that although King Vena was very sinful, he was born in a family descending from Dhruva Maharaja. Therefore the semen in the family must be protected by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kesava. As such, the sages wanted to take some steps to relieve the situation. For want of a king, everything was being disturbed and turned topsy-turvy.

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