evam mrsanta rsayo
dhavatam sarvato-disam
pamsuh samutthito bhuris
coranam abhilumpatam
evamthus; mrsantahwhile considering; rsayahthe great saintly persons; dhavatamrunning; sarvatah-disamfrom all directions; pamsuhdust; samutthitaharose; bhurihmuch; coranamfrom thieves and rogues; abhilumpatamengaged in plundering.
When the great sages were carrying on their discussion in this way, they saw a dust storm arising from all directions. This storm was caused by the running of thieves and rogues, who were engaged in plundering the citizens.
Thieves and rogues simply await some political upset in order to take the opportunity to plunder the people in general. To keep thieves and rogues inactive in their profession, a strong government is always required.

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