ekada munayas te tu
hutvagnin sat-kathas cakrur
upavistah sarit-tate
ekada—once upon a time; munayah—all those great saintly persons; te—they; tu—then; sarasvat—of the River Sarasvati; salila—in the water; aplutah—bathed; hutva—offering oblations; agnin—into the fires; sat-kathah—discussions about transcendental subject matters; cakruh—began to do; upavistah—sitting; sarit-tate—by the side of the river.
Once upon a time, the same saintly persons, after taking their bath in the River Sarasvati, began to perform their daily duties by offering oblations into the sacrificial fires. After this, sitting on the bank of the river, they began to talk about the transcendental person and His pastimes.

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