ittham vyavasita hantum
rsayo rudha-manyavah
nijaghnur hunkrtair venam
hatam acyuta-nindaya
ittham—thus; vyavasitah—decided; hantum—to kill; rsayah—the sages; rudha—manifested; manyavah—their anger; nijaghnuh—they killed; hum-krtaih—by angry words or by sounds of hum; venam—King Vena; hatam—dead; acyuta—against the Supreme Personality of Godhead; nindaya—by blasphemy.
The great sages, thus manifesting their covert anger, immediately decided to kill the King. King Vena was already as good as dead due to his blasphemy against the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Thus without using any weapons, the sages killed King Vena simply by high-sounding words.

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