sa te ma vinased vira
prajanam ksema-laksanah
yasmin vinaste nrpatir
aisvaryad avarohati
sah—that spiritual life; te—by you; ma—do not; vinaset—let it be spoiled; vira—O hero; prajanam—of the people; ksema-laksanah—the cause of prosperity; yasmin—which; vinaste—being spoiled; nrpatih—the king; aisvaryat—from opulence; avarohati—falls down.
The sages continued: O great hero, for this reason you should not be the cause of spoiling the spiritual life of the general populace. If their spiritual life is spoiled because of your activities, you will certainly fall down from your opulent and royal position.
Formerly, in practically all parts of the world, there were monarchies, but gradually as monarchy declined from the ideal life of religion to the godless life of sense gratification, monarchies all over the world were abolished. However, simply abolishing monarchy and replacing it with democracy is not sufficient unless the government men are religious and follow in the footsteps of great religious personalities.

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