tatha sadhaya bhadram te
atmanam suprajam nrpa
istas te putra-kamasya
putram dasyati yajna-bhuk
tatha—therefore; sadhaya—execute the sacrifice to get; bhadram—good fortune; te—to you; atmanam—your own; su-prajam—good son; nrpa—O King; istah—being worshiped; te—by you; putra-kamasya—desiring to have a son; putram—a son; dasyati—He will deliver; yajna-bhuk—the Lord, the enjoyer of the sacrifice.
O King, we wish all good fortune for you. You have no son, but if you pray at once to the Supreme Lord and ask for a son, and if you execute the sacrifice for that purpose, the enjoyer of the sacrifice, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, will fulfill your desire.

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