svarvithir vatsarasyesta
bharyasuta sad-atmajan
pusparnam tigmaketum ca
isam urjam vasum jayam
svarvithih—Svarvithi; vatsarasya—of King Vatsara; ista—very dear; bharya—wife; asuta—gave birth to; sat—six; atmajan—sons; pusparnam—Pusparna; tigmaketum—Tigmaketu; ca—also; isamIsa; urjam—Urja; vasumVasu; jayamJaya.
King Vatsara had a very dear wife whose name was Svarvithi, and she gave birth to six sons, named Pusparna, Tigmaketu, Isa, Urja, Vasu and Jaya.
Vatsara’s wife is mentioned here as ista, which means “worshipable.” In other words, it appears that Vatsara’s wife had all good qualities; for example, she was always very faithful and obedient and affectionate to her husband. She had all good qualities for managing household affairs. If both the husband and wife are endowed with good qualities and live peacefully, then nice children take birth, and thus the whole family is happy and prosperous.

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