dhanyam yasasyam ayusyam
punyam svasty-ayanam mahat
svargyam dhrauvyam saumanasyam
prasasyam agha-marsanam
dhanyam—bestowing wealth; yasasyam—bestowing reputation; ayusyam—increasing the duration of life; punyam—sacred; svasti-ayanam—creating auspiciousness; mahat—great; svargyam—bestowing achievement of heavenly planets; dhrauvyam—or Dhruvaloka; saumanasyam—pleasing to the mind; prasasyam—glorious; agha-marsanam—counteracting all kinds of sinful activities.
By hearing the narration of Dhruva Maharaja one can fulfill desires for wealth, reputation and increased duration of life. It is so auspicious that one can even go to a heavenly planet or attain Dhruvaloka, which was achieved by Dhruva Maharaja, just by hearing about him. The demigods also become pleased because this narration is so glorious, and it is so powerful that it can counteract all the results of one’s sinful actions.
There are different types of men in this world, not all of them pure devotees. Some are karmis, desiring to acquire vast wealth. There are also persons who are only after reputation. Some desire to be elevated to the heavenly planets or to go to Dhruvaloka, and others want to please the demigods to get material profits. Herein it is recommended by Maitreya that every one of them can hear the narration about Dhruva Maharaja and thus get their desired goal. It is recommended that the devotees (akama), the karmis (sarva-kama) and the jnanis, who desire to be liberated (moksa-kama), should all worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead to acquire their desired goals of life. Similarly, if anyone hears about the activities of the Lord’s devotee, he can achieve the same result. There is no difference between the activities and character of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and those of His pure devotees.

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