maitreya uvaca
nisamya vaikuntha-niyojya-mukhyayor
madhu-cyutam vacam urukrama-priyah
krtabhisekah krta-nitya-mangalo
munin pranamyasisam abhyavadayat
maitreyah uvacathe great sage Maitreya said; nisamyaafter hearing; vaikunthaof the Lord; niyojyaassociates; mukhyayohof the chief; madhu-cyutamlike pouring honey; vacamspeeches; urukrama-priyahDhruva Maharaja, who was very dear to the Lord; krta-abhisekahtook his sacred bath; krtaperformed; nitya-mangalahhis daily spiritual duties; muninto the sages; pranamyahaving offered obeisances; asisamblessings; abhyavadayataccepted.
The great sage Maitreya continued: Maharaja Dhruva was very dear to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. When he heard the sweet speeches of the Lords chief associates in the Vaikuntha planet, he immediately took his sacred bath, dressed himself with suitable ornaments, and performed his daily spiritual duties. Thereafter he offered his respectful obeisances to the great sages present there and accepted their blessings.
We should mark how dutiful Dhruva Maharaja was in his devotional service, even at the time he left this material world. He was constantly alert in the performance of devotional duties. Every devotee should take his bath early in the morning and decorate his body with tilaka. In Kali-yuga one can hardly acquire gold or jeweled ornaments, but the twelve tilaka marks on the body are sufficient as auspicious decorations to purify the body. Since Dhruva Maharaja was living at that time at Badarikasrama, there were other great sages there. He did not become puffed up because the airplane sent by Lord Visnu was waiting for him; as a humble Vaisnava, he accepted blessings from all the sages before riding on the plane brought by the chief of the Vaikuntha associates.

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