nanv ekasyaparadhena
prasangad bahavo hatah
bhratur vadhabhitaptena
tvayanga bhratr-vatsala
nanu—certainly; ekasya—of one (Yaksa); aparadhena—with the offense; prasangat—because of their association; bahavah—many; hatah—have been killed; bhratuh—of your brother; vadha—by the death; abhitaptena—being aggrieved; tvaya—by you; anga—my dear son; bhratr-vatsala—affectionate to your brother.
My dear son, it has been proved that you are very much affectionate towards your brother and are greatly aggrieved at his being killed by the Yaksas, but just consider—for one Yaksa’s offense, you have killed many others, who are innocent.

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