dadhmau sankham brhad-bahuh
kham disas canunadayan
yenodvigna-drsah ksattar
upadevyo trasan bhrsam
dadhmaublew; sankhamconchshell; brhat-bahuhthe mighty-armed; khamthe sky; disah caand all directions; anunadayancausing to resound; yenaby which; udvigna-drsahappeared very anxious; ksattahmy dear Vidura; upadevyahthe wives of the Yaksas; atrasanbecame frightened; bhrsamgreatly.
Maitreya continued: My dear Vidura, as soon as Dhruva Maharaja reached Alakapuri, he immediately blew his conchshell, and the sound reverberated throughout the entire sky and in every direction. The wives of the Yaksas became very much frightened. From their eyes it was apparent that they were full of anxiety.

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