eko mayeha bhagavan vividha-pradhanais
citti-krtah prajananaya katham nu yuyam
atragatas tanu-bhrtam manaso ípi durad
bruta prasidata mahan iha vismayo me
ekah—one; maya—by me; iha—here; bhagavan—great personality; vividha—various; pradhanaih—by paraphernalia; citti-krtah—fixed in mind; prajananaya—for begetting a child; katham—why; nu—however; yuyam—all of you; atra—here; agatah—appeared; tanu-bhrtam—of the embodied; manasah—the minds; api—although; durat—from far beyond; bruta—kindly explain; prasidata—being merciful to me; mahan—very great; iha—this; vismayah—doubt; me—of mine.
I called for the Supreme Personality of Godhead, desiring a son like Him, and I thought of Him only. But although He is far beyond the mental speculation of man, all three of you have come here. Kindly let me know how you have come, for I am greatly bewildered about this.
Atri Muni was confidently aware that the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the Lord of the universe, so he prayed for the one Supreme Lord. He was surprised, therefore, that three of them appeared.

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