yah kardama-sutah prokta
nava brahmarsi-patnayah
tasam prasuti-prasavam
procyamanam nibodha me
yah—those who; kardama-sutah—the daughters of Kardama; proktah—were mentioned; nava—nine; brahma-rsi—great sages of spiritual knowledge; patnayah—wives; tasam—their; prasuti-prasavam—generations of sons and grandsons; procyamanam—describing; nibodha—try to understand; me—from me.
You have already been informed about the nine daughters of Kardama Muni, who were handed over to nine different sages. I shall now describe the descendants of those nine daughters. Please hear from me.
The Third Canto has already described how Kardama Muni begot nine daughters in Devahuti and how all the daughters were later handed over to great sages like Marici, Atri and Vasistha.

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