praja bahvih sisrksatah
natmavasidaty asmims te
varsiyan mad-anugrahah
nana-karma—varieties of service; vitanena—by expansion of; prajah—population; bahvih—innumerable; sisrksatah—desiring to increase; na—never; atma—self; avasidati—will be bereaved; asmin—in the matter; te—of you; varsiyan—always increasing; mat—My; anugrahah—causeless mercy.
Since you have desired to increase the population innumerably and expand your varieties of service, you shall never be deprived in this matter because My causeless mercy upon you will always increase for all time.
A pure devotee of the Lord, being cognizant of the facts of the particular time, object and circumstances, always desires to expand the number of devotees of the Lord in various ways. Such expansions of transcendental service may appear to be material to the materialist, but factually they are expansions of the causeless mercy of the Lord towards the devotee. Plans for such activities may appear to be material activities, but they are different in potency, being engaged in the satisfaction of the transcendental senses of the Supreme.

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