so ’yam samasta-jagatam suhrd eka atma
sattvena yan mrdayate bhagavan bhagena
tenaiva me drsam anusprsatad yathaham
sraksyami purvavad idam pranata-priyo ’sau
sah—He; ayam—the Lord; samasta-jagatam—of all the universes; suhrt ekah—the one friend and philosopher; atma—the Supersoul; sattvena—by the mode of goodness; yat—one who; mrdayate—causes happiness; bhagavan—the Personality of Godhead; bhagena—with six opulences; tena—by Him; eva—certainly; me—to me; drsam—power of introspection; anusprsatat—let Him give; yatha—as; aham—I; sraksyami—will be able to create; purva-vat—as before; idam—this universe; pranata—surrendered; priyah—dear; asau—He (the Lord).
Let the Supreme Lord be merciful towards me. He is the one friend and soul of all living entities in the world, and He maintains all, for their ultimate happiness, by His six transcendental opulences. May He be merciful towards me so that I, as before, may be empowered with the introspection to create, for I am also one of the surrendered souls who are dear to the Lord.
The Supreme Lord, Purusottama, or Sri Krsna, is the maintainer of all, in both the transcendental and material worlds. He is the life and friend of all because there is eternally natural affection and love between the living entities and the Lord. He is the one friend and well-wisher for all, and He is one without a second. The Lord maintains all the living entities everywhere by His six transcendental opulences, for which He is known as bhagavan, or the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Lord Brahma prayed for His mercy so that he might be able to create the universal affairs as he did before; only by the Lord’s causeless mercy could he create both material and spiritual personalities like Marici and Narada respectively. Brahma prayed to the Lord because He is very much dear to the surrendered soul. The surrendered soul knows nothing but the Lord, and therefore the Lord is very affectionate towards him.

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