yasmad bibhemy aham api dviparardha-dhisnyam
adhyasitah sakala-loka-namaskrtam yat
tepe tapo bahu-savo ’varurutsamanas
tasmai namo bhagavate ’dhimakhaya tubhyam
yasmat—from whom; bibhemi—fear; aham—I; api—also; dvi-para-ardha—up to the limit of 4,300,000,000 x 2 x 30 x 12 x 100 solar years; dhisnyam—place; adhyasitah—situated in; sakala-loka—all other planets; namaskrtam—honored by; yat—that; tepe—underwent; tapah—penances; bahu-savah—many, many years; avarurutsamanah—desiring to obtain You; tasmai—unto Him; namah—I do offer my obeisances; bhagavate—unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead; adhimakhaya—unto Him who is the enjoyer of all sacrifices; tubhyam—unto Your Lordship.
Your Lordship, I offer my respectful obeisances unto You who are indefatigable time and the enjoyer of all sacrifices. Although I am situated in an abode which will continue to exist for a time duration of two parardhas, although I am the leader of all other planets in the universe, and although I have undergone many, many years of penance for self-realization, still I offer my respects unto You.
Brahma is the greatest personality in the universe because he has the longest duration of life. He is the most respectable personality because of his penance, influence, prestige, etc., and still he has to offer his respectful obeisances unto the Lord. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all others, who are far, far below the standard of Brahma, to do as he did and offer respects as a matter of duty.

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