asinam urvyam bhagavantam adyam
sankarsanam devam akuntha-sattvam
vivitsavas tattvam atah parasya
kumara-mukhya munayo ’nvaprcchan
asinam—seated; urvyam—in the bottom of the universe; bhagavantam—unto the Lord; adyam—the original; sankarsanamSankarsana; devam—the Personality of Godhead; akuntha-sattvam—undeterred knowledge; vivitsavah—being inquisitive to know; tattvam atah—truth like this; parasya—regarding the Supreme Personality of Godhead; kumara—the boy-saint; mukhyah—headed by; munayah—great sages; anvaprcchan—inquired like this.
Some time ago, being inquisitive to know, Sanat-kumara, the chief of the boy-saints, accompanied by other great sages, inquired exactly like you about the truths regarding Vasudeva, the Supreme, from Lord Sankarsana, who is seated at the bottom of the universe.
This is in clarification of the statement that the Lord spoke directly on the Srimad-Bhagavatam. When and unto whom the Bhagavatam was spoken is explained herewith. Questions similar to those put forward by Vidura were asked by great sages like Sanat-kumara, and Lord Sankarsana, the plenary expansion of the Supreme Lord Vasudeva, answered them.

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